Nayla (English Edition)

Desember 6, 2018 2:39 pm

Rp85,000 Rp68,000

Penulis : Djenar Maesa Ayu
Penerbit : Gramedia
Terbit : 12 November 2018
ISBN : 978-602-06-1418-2
Ketebalan : 200 halaman
Ukuran : 14 x 21 cm
Sampul : Soft cover

Sinopsis :

Nayla claims to never want love. All she wants to do, she claims, is to get drunk. Yet I suspect, what she really wants, what she truly needs, is to be drunk in love.

But how can we tell what’s in their minds? Not everyone is naïve like her. If she behave in such a sexually inviting manner, who can blame the men for hitting on Nayla?

Her name is Nayla. My fellow counselors dislike her. They perceive her as arrogant because she comes from a rich and famous family, thereby refusing to get along with other people in this rehabilitation center. She has been living here for a week. Her behaviour hasn’t changed. When she is alone, she laughs constantly to herself while twisting the locks of her hair and biting her fingernails.
—Ibu Lina

I feel Nayla has started using drugs. —Ratu

Nayla is afraid of the Mother character. —Ardan

Why don’t you take that injection, which can help you lose weight, Nay? Your body no longer looks good. How can it arouse men, when it doesn’t even arouse me as a gay man? —Pansy

It was her father who was immoral. This was his entire fault! Not mine! —Mother

I am drunk and I am an angel. And I don’t give a shit anymore. —Nayla