Babbot: The Life of A Busy Frenchie (+ Stiker)

Juni 28, 2019 1:49 am

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Penulis : Ykha Amelz
Penerbit : Bentang Belia
ISBN : 9786024305215
Terbit : 12 Juli 2019
Ketebalan : 112 halaman
Ukuran : 110 mm x 180 mm
Sampul : Soft cover

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Hey guys, I’m Babbot!

Can’t talk too much coz I’m busy.

So here’s the deal… A lady editor came to me about making a book. At first, I thought I won’t have time but I guess I can squeeze in an hour or two, coz the book is about ME—duh!

This book contains the story of my busy life: dealing with work, humans, other dogs, t-rex, etc.

Some of you may relate to my stories, some of you may think it’s ironic, but I just want all of you to relax a bit from your own busy life and try to laugh at yourselves.

Breathe. Don’t take life too seriously. Except when it comes to food. Always be serious about food.

PS: Hope this leads to a movie deal. LOL!

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